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Composite materials

Les composites: Product

A composite material is a solid phase material consisting of at least two immiscible components whose respective qualities complement each other to form a material with improved overall performance. A composite material consists of a framework called reinforcement (usually fibers) which ensures the mechanical strength, and a binder called matrix which is mostly a plastic material (thermoplastic or thermosetting resin) ensuring the cohesion of the structure and the transmission of forces towards the reinforcement.


The technicality of composite materials lies in the choice of materials, (for example: fiberglass or carbon, polyester or epoxy resin), their qualities, their proportions, the orientation of the reinforcements and their type. To all this is added the implementation methods, the application parameters and the means. The whole must be perfectly controlled in order to adapt the final product to the needs (mechanical resistance, appearance, tightness, budget ...).

The Contract

The infinite number of possible combinations, the permanent evolutions and the adaptable performances make it possible today to find composite materials in a multitude of applications. Transport (of all types), industry, medical, energy, recreation, telecommunications, defense, etc.


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